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May 2010
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Slash and Burn? Tough times call for smarter moves. Tip #10

Tough times for business come and go but some people look at marketing as a luxury for business and not a requirement. If that is the case for you, I only have two things to say:

You probably don’t have much of a focus on marketing or you would see the value. It is never […]

Smart people love web statistics because 2 + 2 = 17 or 3. Tip #9

Statistics for marketers are crucial but as we all know, they can be used to support or deceive. When it comes to web statistics, what is important? Are those numbers bullet-proof or can they be shown to be incorrect? We all know that 2 + 2 = 4 but when looking at stats it could […]

Pass me my change correctly please Tip #8

Sure, it sounds like a simple thing and perhaps you have more to worry about but sometimes it is these simple things that add up to a lasting impression. Training your people to do the job correctly is more than just how to use the cash register – perhaps we should focus more on how […]

Each of us are completely unique, just like everyone else. Tip #7

Creativity in marketing is an absolute must but for some reason when it comes to marketing many people choose to be the same.

Yesterday morning I was driving down the street and saw a realtor setting up for an open-house. Her Mercedes was pulled over to the side of the road and she was setting […]

Hey Stupid, when they talk about K.I.S.S., are they talking about you? Tip #6

Most business owners are too busy to handle everything that needs to get done during the day, instead they prioritize tasks and all too often marketing gets pushed off the table to another day. One day turns in to a week, turns in to a month, turns in to a year. Suddenly your website is […]

The world has changed. Did your advertising? Tip #5

The world of advertising has changed forever but many businesses continue along using the same mediums that worked in the past. Why? As business owners, aren’t we skilled enough to recognize that we need to change our approach? I believe that the world of online advertising is just too out there for many to consider. […]

Copywriting – a hundred different ways to say what doesn’t get read. Tip #4

Copywriting is salesmanship in marketing at its very best. The job of the copywriter is to write words that get read and hopefully lead to a sale. You can say too much or not enough. You can grab attention but end up losing it. You could make an impression – good or bad. Or, sadly, […]

Hire a Graphic Designer or your Nephew Judd? Tip #3

Everyone has a computer and everyone knows someone that claims to be able to save you money by creating your advertising for you. We’ve got a name for those that take on the task of creative development that shouldn’t – it is called Nephew Art. You have planned your advertising to get you the most […]

Go big or go home? Tip #2

Go big or go home? This is one of the most common mistakes companies make when purchasing advertising. Let’s face it, we all know that bigger is better – but when combined with frequency it just isn’t so – unless you have an unlimited advertising budget. Everyone wants to go bigger, but longer is much […]

Getting the most from advertising – Tip #1

I’ve seen a lot of common mistakes when it comes to advertising, branding your business and the roadmap to growing your business but getting the most from your advertising is really very simple. Evaluating what you are doing and how you are doing it is very important. If you need to make changes – get […]

A cup of coffee a day

Did you know that a single cup of coffee every day can actually help improve your business? It’s true. Many people think nothing of spending $3.50 a day for a fancy coffee to give them a little extra boost of energy or calm the nerves as the day gets underway at the office. Will that […]

How to grow your business

Businesses today need to look for advantages everywhere they can find them. Advantages in costs, people, suppliers, location, features, communications, technology, etc. Every advantage joins together with all of the other advantages to give your company an edge.

When it comes to marketing, you really need to find an advantage. Everybody can spend thousands of […]

Over 400 Cities Worldwide

Quick Deal Services is pleased to announce we have reached another milestone. We are now serving over 400 cities and counting.

To view a list of our cities or […]

Inexpensive and effective advertising is now available directly through QuickDeal across North America.

Every business needs to draw in more customers but the trick is getting them without having to gamble all of your hard earned profits. Television, Newspaper and Phone Directories are much too expensive for most businesses to consider and have proven to be less effective than the average business requires. While traditional media has lost […]