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May 2010
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A cup of coffee a day

Is that cup of coffee helping your business?Did you know that a single cup of coffee every day can actually help improve your business? It’s true. Many people think nothing of spending $3.50 a day for a fancy coffee to give them a little extra boost of energy or calm the nerves as the day gets underway at the office. Will that help your business? Will it bring more customers through your door? Will it help establish the brand of your business in the eyes of the community where you operate? No, but that same money could be spent on something that can help improve your business. Can you go without one fancy coffee every day and invest that pocket change in your business instead?

QuickDeal can take that same amount of money and target customers in the area where you do business, driving customers to your website or your free business directory at QuickDeal and get you new business, repeat business and top of mind awareness for your business.

Fill your mug with water tomorrow morning and contact us at QuickDeal for a quick conversation. Ask us how you can ensure that your price doesn’t grow for 2 years while our business does and so does yours. Traditional media like newspapers, television, radio and telephone directories are likely proving less and less effective for you – their audience is disappearing while ours is growing by leaps every day Give your business some growth with QuickDeal          [email protected]          250-412-3500

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