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May 2010
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Copywriting – a hundred different ways to say what doesn’t get read. Tip #4

Copywriting is salesmanship in marketing at its very best.  The job of the copywriter is to write words that get read and hopefully lead to a sale.  You can say too much or not enough.  You can grab attention but end up losing it.  You could make an impression – good or bad.  Or, sadly, it may never get read at all.

The Copywriter creates the poetry of the pitch that captures and maintains the interest of the reader/listener.  Once again, remember, if it isn’t read – it’s dead.  How are you going to capture the customers’ attention?  A spectacular offer, a guarantee, sale pricing or humour?  Write down everything you want to say and then start cutting it back until you are left with what works and what is truly important.  Save your notes for later because you might decide to start all over again.

In the case of online advertising, copywriting is made a little easier because you don’t have to sell.  Instead you have to get your audience to click – taking them to your website where the real pitch begins.  Keep it simple.  If you think about magazines, it is very rare that anyone buys one just to read advertisements.   How are you going to pull attention away from somewhere else towards your message.   As you write your copy keep in mind that we buy magazines for the articles,  the photos and the insight but rarely advertisements.   If you can cause the viewers attention to redirect, how will you get them to click and temporarily place their original reading intentions on hold.   The wonderful part of online advertising is that your messages can be changed almost instantly and if nobody clicks, you can go back to the drawing board and revise your ad without stopping the press or having to wait until next month.

Keep it simple, get to the point, engage, enlighten or educate and if you can, try to leave a lasting impression.  If you can afford a copywriter – hire one.  If you can’t, look to those that will advertise your message as they often offer the service free of charge in order to gain your business.          [email protected]          250-412-3500

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