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May 2010
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Each of us are completely unique, just like everyone else. Tip #7

Creativity in marketing is an absolute must but for some reason when it comes to marketing many people choose to be the same.

Yesterday morning I was driving down the street and saw a realtor setting up for an open-house.  Her Mercedes was pulled over to the side of the road and she was setting up the standard realtor open-house sign – just like everyone elses.  It was a standard open house sign cut to the standard sign company size for the standard coroplast sign stand to reduce costs.  It was designed using the coporate colours for the realty company – a beautiful green, almost exactly the same colour as the hedge that seperates your property from the noise of the traffic.  She took it a step further and highlighted her sign with a helium balloon as everyone knows that movement helps draw attention.  Amazingly enough, I think that the standard forest green balloon was a near perfect match for her logo.  Sounds like the perfect start to her day – signage is up and hopefully she is going to sell a house today.  I was lucky to drive by when I did, otherwise I never would have seen her setting up her green sign, with the green balloon in front of the green hedge at the side of the road.

I live in a city of 1500 realtors and likely have a short list of about 10 I could name off by memory.  They all offer pretty much the same thing: honesty, hard work and integrity.  They all have pretty much the same advertising with themselves standing beside their realty sign smiling like we have been long lost friends along with a short spiel about how different they are because of the honesty, hard work and integrity.  A few really get creative and follow up from when the kids made fun of their name in school by turning it in to a slogan I’d remember if I still had my bully tendencies.  I’m sure they go to a realtor school of sorts to be taught the tried and true formula that has made all 1500 realtors the success story they are.  Some are younger than the others and dabble in the internet where they have photos of the houses they have listed with the basic details about the listing, perhaps a mortgage calculator and some more photos of them looking like succesful realtors.

Will you get the standard open house signs?  Will you buy the full page ad in the telephone directory?  Can you make a nice flyer you can drop off to houses in the neighbourhoods?  Will you stick to the corpoate colors for everything you do?  Will your car be enough to represent how successful you are in order to become successful?  Lots to decide. Screw it, just do exactly what every other realtor has done – if it didn’t work why would all 1500 realtors do it that way anyway?

Or…you could reinvent the world of realtors and present a new brand to the community – hell it might even be the brand of YOU.  Different, unique, bigger signs, strange colours, fun materials – who knows where it could end once you broke loose from the normal standards – in the end, you might even stand out – which could lead to you being recognized.  Wow, creativity and imagination can be pretty cool for a person in business – maybe somebody has written a book on how I could actually do this. I’ll have to hit the bookstore if I get a chance after I get my signs and balloons up for the open house this morning.          [email protected]          250-412-3500

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