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May 2010
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Go big or go home? Tip #2

Go big or go home? This is one of the most common mistakes companies make when purchasing advertising. Let’s face it, we all know that bigger is better – but when combined with frequency it just isn’t so – unless you have an unlimited advertising budget. Everyone wants to go bigger, but longer is much more important. Effective advertising is about frequency – get your advertising out there over and over again and have it out there for as long as you can. Repetition is what causes your company to become recognized by the public – ‘I’ve seen these guys over and over again’.

Advertisers often want the quick response but how often are customers ready to buy? If your business sells refrigerators, how often are consumers in the market for a new fridge – every 10 or 15 years? Advertising frequency is about establishing your business in the minds of consumers.  You want them to think of your business without seeing an ad when they are looking for that new fridge. Top-of-mind awareness is what frequency provides. You often hear sales reps for media companies say that you need to run your advertising longer. While that may sound like a sales pitch, it really isn’t. They know that the key to advertising is repetition. A good rep will tell you that you should pull back on your size in order to afford more frequency – same amount spent but with more impact.

In the case of online advertising, frequency is exactly what you are paying for and is why it can be so effective. Instead of going big, you get to use my two preferred methods of getting your ad seen – copywriting and graphic design. What you say, how you say it and the presentation of your message take priority for me over size but we can talk about those items in future tips. Meanwhile, get your message out there over and over again.

Way back in 1885, a man named Thomas Smith apparently wrote a guide called Successful Advertising. His message with regards to frequency paints a pretty clear picture on how frequency increases effectiveness.

“The first time people look at any given ad, they don’t even see it.
The second time, they don’t notice it.
The third time, they are aware that it is there.
The fourth time, they have a fleeting sense that they’ve seen it somewhere before.
The fifth time, they actually read the ad.
The sixth time they thumb their nose at it.
The seventh time, they start to get a little irritated with it.
The eighth time, they start to think, “Here’s that confounded ad again.”
The ninth time, they start to wonder if they’re missing out on something.
The tenth time, they ask their friends and neighbors if they’ve tried it.
The eleventh time, they wonder how the company is paying for all these ads.
The twelfth time, they start to think that it must be a good product.
The thirteenth time, they start to feel the product has value.
The fourteenth time, they start to remember wanting a product exactly like this for a long time.
The fifteenth time, they start to yearn for it because they can’t afford to buy it.
The sixteenth time, they accept the fact that they will buy it sometime in the future.
The seventeenth time, they make a note to buy the product.
The eighteenth time, they curse their pverty for not allowing them to buy this terrific product.
The nineteenth time, they count their money very carefully.
The twentieth time prospects see the ad, they buy what is offering”.          [email protected]          250-412-3500

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