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May 2010
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Hey Stupid, when they talk about K.I.S.S., are they talking about you? Tip #6

Most business owners are too busy to handle everything that needs to get done during the day, instead they prioritize tasks and all too often marketing gets pushed off the table to another day. One day turns in to a week, turns in to a month, turns in to a year. Suddenly your website is completely out of date, your sales materials are inconsistent and your advertising is old, stale, weak and ineffective.

Marketing and advertising seems like it should be pretty simple but it isn’t. You can drop the ball in a million different places that will make the money you spend less and less effective. A marketing professional can take a good look at your business and tell you what you need to do to be more effective, where you need to focus first, what can wait and what needs to be handled immediately. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard that business owners/managers are too busy to deal with marketing right now, that they need to deal with this or that and then in a month or two they can take a look at marketing. Stop it, stop it, stop it. Concentrate on managing your business but don’t put your marketing on hold for even a day – it is much too important. Get some good help that can walk in, evaluate and set your marketing on a path that you can handle.

Good marketing people will stick fingers in to every crevice of your business. Their job is to improve your business and make you money – with some initiatives providing short term wins while others will concentrate on the long haul.  They don’t have to be full time employees; in fact many great marketing people float from business to business on a contract basis. You don’t have to spend giant sums of money to get results – spend what you need to in order to ensure that your business is getting the best results it can afford.

Advertising opportunities present themselves to businesses every day and you need to be prepared to capitalize on those advantages now before they pass you by. Perhaps ‘Stupid’ can be changed to ‘Sensible’, ‘Smart’ or ‘Sharp’.          [email protected]          250-412-3500

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