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May 2010
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The world has changed. Did your advertising? Tip #5

The world of advertising has changed forever but many businesses continue along using the same mediums that worked in the past.  Why?  As business owners, aren’t we skilled enough to recognize that we need to change our approach?  I believe that the world of online advertising is just too out there for many to consider.  Perhaps online is just too scary and daunting to consider?  It’s not too scary.   Get out there and do something online and move more of your budget away from traditional advertising to online.   

If you take a hard, logical look at your traditional advertising, you’ll see that you need to make some changes.


  • 300+ channels to choose from means fewer viewers per channel.
  • Local television stations in many markets are in trouble because of lower revenues and less viewers – many will not survive without bailouts.
  • PVR’s allow commercials to be skipped.
  • Just too expensive and ineffective for small business to consider.


  • 100s of millions I-Pods and smartphones sold annually—how many teens carry an AM/FM radio?
  • Standard features on newer vehicles include CD players, Ipod docks, hard drives and satellite radio.
  • Digital music stations available over cable networks – commercial free.
  • Less people listening to the radio every day.


  • Newspapers have been closing worldwide or reducing publication dates because newspapers are old fashioned, losing money and going extinct quickly.
  • By the time they are printed they are out of date.
  • Classifieds have all but disappeared—gone to online.
  • Very limited functionality vs. online competitors.

 Telephone Directories:

  • Many markets have 2 or more phone books often with more than 1400 pages each—a massive waste of paper resulting in the destruction so many trees that you won’t even want to know how many.
  • Telephone directories tend to be very expensive and normally increase in price annually as they are priced based on market population and not use.  As your city grows, so does your price.
  • Phonebooks have gone online but rarely redeveloped so they don’t take advantage of the new medium.
  • Ask someone under 25 when they last picked up a phone book.  It is likely boosting their computer monitor up by 3 inches.
  • Reps lead you to a product that you think you cannot be without.  Truthfully, phonebooks are overpriced, largely ineffective and socially irresponsible.  
  • Very limited functionality vs. online competitors.

 The world has changed. Every newspaper, telephone directory, radio and television has gone online in hopes of recovering some of their lost revenue as you leave traditional media.  If they didn’t need to support their primary failing business – they might not need to charge you so much.  Spread your wings and make contact with an online business whose primary business is online advertising.  They’ll be happy to guide you through the process of gaining results and you’ll save a bundle of money at the same time.          [email protected]          250-412-3500

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