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June 2010
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Word of Mouth can be a Dirty Word

Word of Mouth advertising is the passing of information about your business from person to person. It can be wonderful or the worst thing for your business. As an advertiser and marketer, I know how beneficial telling a strong story can be to the growth of a business and I go out of my way […]

Here’s your Marketing Plan – Go Get Noticed. Tip #22

Marketing isn’t as tough as everyone wants to make it seem – just go get noticed.

Company Vehicles: These should be considered moving billboards at a better price. Do they stand out and get noticed or are they discreet and simple? Think of your vehicles as billboards and you’ll get noticed. Many years ago, […]

If it isn’t read, it’s dead. Tip #21

What your advertising is supposed to accomplish depends on where the advertising is published. An advertisement in the the newspaper will be quite different than in a phone directory which is quite different from a banner on a website. The message needs to be different depending on your objectives. Make your ad appropriate for the […]

Ice Cubes, Eskimos and Advertising

A man wakes up in his Ikea bedroom, pulls on his Nike’s, eats his Kellogg’s cereal, drinks his Starbucks, checks his Blackberry, blows his nose with a Kleenex, brushes his teeth using Colgate toothpaste, jumps in his Audi, listens to his Sirius satellite radio on his way to work where he tells an advertising agent […]

The 20 great reasons that you should get to know QuickDeal


During these difficult economic times, buying lightly used items online will save you money. Finding items for sale within your local community will save you shipping costs and you get to see the item first. We provide millions of items from over 1200 websites so that you have a good selection of local items […]

Are you a camouflage advertiser? Tip #13 …and then some

Camouflage advertising is the art of causing your ad to blend in with all of the other messages in the market so that it can’t be seen. I’ve got to pass out some kudos here because so many of you do a really wonderful job of never being seen or heard of even though you […]

Marketing is more popular than The Beatles. Tip #12

Many people are confused about what marketing is with much of the thanks going to companies who have tried to hide salespeople behind a different name. Marketing is the big brother umbrella to sales. Marketing is the logic and emotion behind what drives sales and can reach in to every department within an organization. Every […]

Have you ever really looked at your business? Tip #11

Fresh eyes. How do you keep your eyes fresh on your business as if they are seeing your business for the first time? As a business owner or manager, part of your job is understanding what the public sees when they view your business for the first time. It is tough to see with fresh […]