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June 2010
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Have you ever really looked at your business? Tip #11

Fresh eyes.  How do you keep your eyes fresh on your business as if they are seeing your business for the first time?  As a business owner or manager, part of your job is understanding what the public sees when they view your business for the first time.  It is tough to see with fresh eyes, but training yourself to see what the customer sees will save you a lot of money and help to grow quality perceptions of your business.

In order to build your fresh eyes and train them to see what everyone else sees every day, you will need to start with a check list.  Make sure you go through that list on a regular basis until your eyes become accustomed to seeing what they should always have seen.  Here are some ideas to get your list started:

  1. Are any of your lights burned out inside your store?  This seems like a small item to worry about but it does suggest that perhaps your attention to details isn’t what it should be.
  2. Where is your staff parked?  Right up next to the entrance so the customer has to walk further?  Another small detail but one worth looking at.
  3. How does your signage look?  Does the signage lighting turn on before it gets dark or is the timer not set to come on until much later?  Are all of the letters backlit or are some out?  Is your neon open sign turned on right when the store opens and off right at closing?
  4. Do you have your hours of operation and website address listed on your front door?  Tattered and torn or clean and professional?
  5. Is your store clean and professional?  Counters clean, glass clean, signage clean, brochures stocked, coffee supplies and all signage is current?  You have so many things to look at within your store. I’ve seen xmas decorations stuffed in the corner, outdated sales offers, grime and grease all over the walls.  Open your eyes and have a look at your business as if you are about to buy it new – is it respected and well cared for?
  6. Does it look inviting?  Do you want to enter your business to see what it is about?  Is it bright, fresh, colorful and exciting or dark and depressing?
  7. Have you ever looked in the public washroom?
  8. How does the paint, tiles or carpet look?
  9. Have you ever sat in your waiting area?
  10. Have you ever heard the staff conversations you can hear while sitting in the waiting area?
  11. How do your people answer the phone?
  12. How does your phone system work?  Press 7 for customer service?  On hold music, message or blank?  Any idea how long the longest waiting customer is held on hold?
  13. How do your people thank your customers for doing business with you?
  14. Company vehicles – have you ever inspected them?
  15. Garbage around your store, muddy areas or sidewalks need to be shoveled?
  16. Staff areas open to customer viewing or completely closed off?
  17. What does your advertising say?  Is it consistent in its message?  Does it represent you with some sort of standard style?  Is it working?  Did it ever work?
  18. How does your website look?  When was it last updated?  What does it say?  Is it current and does it provide the information your customers are going to be looking for?

Take some time and examine your business and do it on a regular basis – learn to see your business with fresh eyes. Once you’ve seen it, get your husband or wife to see it with his or her eyes and see what they find that you missed or didn’t care about.          [email protected]          250-412-3500

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