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June 2010
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Here’s your Marketing Plan – Go Get Noticed. Tip #22

Marketing isn’t as tough as everyone wants to make it seem – just go get noticed. 

  • Company Vehicles:  These should be considered moving billboards at a better price.  Do they stand out and get noticed or are they discreet and simple?  Think of your vehicles as billboards and you’ll get noticed.  Many years ago, while working with a new company, the two owners and I got together and leased matching white 4×4’s.  Then the public began to see 3 matching vehicles that stood out and got noticed.  “I see you guys everywhere” was the common statement we heard.  3 vehicles became 7 eventually all the exact same. The general public didn’t know whether we had multiple vehicles or not, all they knew was that they saw our company at every turn.
  • Hats, Shirts and Jackets:  Promote your business through your employees.  Every employee can be a walking billboard for your company while they go buy a burger, get groceries or go to an event.  People look at logos and often use your company as an ice-breaker to say hello and open up conversation.  Buy decent quality items too.  Everyone likes to wear free stuff especially when it is good quality stuff that you can be proud to wear
  • Office Store-front: Many businesses have great exposure to the public with big windows facing the roadway.  Do you use those windows to grab attention or are they just for looking out?  Many cities maintain strict signage bylaws but often times temporary signage or signage on the inside of windows is excluded from bylaws.  Grab some attention.  Get people to look at your business and read what makes you different.  Years ago, I hired a local street artist to spray paint a message across our windows and you couldn’t drive by without noticing our business from that day forward.  Now, you see street art as a much more common sight, but still many businesses do not take advantage of business windows.
  • Make an Online Move: Young up folks – you are getting old.  Do something online now – you may just be surprised as to how it can build some excitement and some creative ideas that help grow your business.  Everyone wants to tell you the secret to marketing online but the truth is that you should stop spending your time trying to figure out what to do and instead just start doing.  Start a facebook page.  Start tweeting.  Start a blog.  Update your website.  Put a video online.  Buy some inexpensive online advertising.  spend an hour every day just surfing and discovering new things online.   Just do it – trust me, it will lead you to something else, which will lead to your expertise, which will lead to some wins.
  • Get Out of the Telephone Directories:  It will save you a ton of money and allow you to spend some real cash in new areas that are actually growing.  Phone books used to work and the horse and buggy were once effective means of transportation.  Times have changed and every day they change a little more – pull 3/4 of your expense out of the telephone directories and spend it elsewhere – you are feeding hay to a dead horse.
  • Look at your Expenses:  Look for ways that you can cut costs without losing anything and then take that same money and spend it on getting someone to notice your business.  Look at printing costs, telephones and stationary costs just to get started – these three areas are where many companies waste a lot of cash.  If you don’t now how to save money in these areas,  look deeper, I’ll bet you that you are wasting money that can be spent elsewhere.  

You can do hundreds of different things to grow your company through marketing but you need to do them. You need to be involved. You need to lead your company. Let somebody else manage the day to day crap that takes you away from what you should be doing and throw some concentration at growing your business.          [email protected]          250-412-3500

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