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June 2010
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Marketing is more popular than The Beatles. Tip #12

Many people are confused about what marketing is with much of the thanks going to companies who have tried to hide salespeople behind a different name.  Marketing is the big brother umbrella to sales.  Marketing is the logic and emotion behind what drives sales and can reach in to every department within an organization.  Every perception of a company developed in any way falls under the umbrella of the marketing department.

  • When you call a company and hear the auto attendant of the phone system kick in instead of a real person – that is marketing.
  • When you call a company and wait on hold – that is marketing.
  • What someone says when they answer the company phone – that is marketing.
  • The name of the company, the products, the features, the services and the bundles of products together – that is marketing.
  • The logo, the signage, the brochures, the messages – that is marketing.
  • The company vehicles, uniforms, embroidery – that is marketing.
  • The company colours, invoices, statements and envelopes – that is marketing.
  • The bags, tags, stickers, shelving and displays – that is marketing.
  • The computers, systems, blog, website and even word-of-mouth – that is marketing.
  • The salespeople, approaches, advertising, offers, programs, donations and sponsorships – that is marketing.
  • The emotional response, perceptions, trust and perceived value – that is marketing.

Everything that is seen, heard, felt, read, understood and perceived by the customer about a company is marketing.  If the computers are too slow, that reflects poorly.  If the parking spots are too small, that reflects poorly, if the receipts do not offer enough details or the statements are not clear enough, that reflects poorly.  Everything is marketing in one way or another, espeically if it turns a lookie-lou in to a buyer or turns a buyer in to someone else’s customer.

I often hear people say that they are not salespeople or they do not like selling – but I believe that everyone is a salesperson and it starts naturally at a very young age.  Everyone can remember waking up as a child one morning and putting on a big act as to why they can’t go to school that day.  Some of us went to school and some of us didn’t.  Marketing helped those of us that didn’t.  Marketing helped our Mom realize that she felt we were getting sick before we even mentioned it – we coughed, we sneezed, we mentioned how tired we were, Dad said we looked sick or perhaps we couldn’t even finish our favorite dinner – something must be wrong.  Marketing helped us to sell that we were sick and couldn’t go to school without even getting out of bed or saying much of anything because mom was sold before the sales pitch ever took place.

How could anything be more beautiful than marketing?  While we’ve all heard a Beatles song, have we all given marketing the focus that it needs to drive our business where we want it to go?  Marketing is a part of everything we do – give it a little more concentration.          [email protected]          250-412-3500

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