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June 2010
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The 20 great reasons that you should get to know QuickDeal


  • During these difficult economic times, buying lightly used items online will save you money. 
  • Finding items for sale within your local community will save you shipping costs and you get to see the item first.
  • We provide millions of items from over 1200 websites so that you have a good selection of local items available from people right in your community.
  • Your city is likely open at QuickDeal – approximately 700 cities covering every State in the US and every Province in Canada.
  • Look for businesses in our business directory – local companies looking to earn your business.
  • QuickDeal is extremely fast – We take great pride in delivering.  


  • Newspaper classifieds are almost non-existent – online classifieds work.
  • Lots of photos can show the item properly.
  • Quick and easy to add, edit and sell items.
  • Every city has a great selection of items for sale – we are a great destination for buyers.
  • No need to sign up or join QuickDeal in order to sell something.
  • An unlimited number of listings can be added – all for free.
  • Listings of multiple items can be managed from a single user screen.


  • You can list items for sale in the shopping section too – we encourage items from commercial sellers.
  • You can add a business listing for free.
  • Your shopping listings can be tied together and listed within your business listing.
  • We have extremely effective and inexpensive advertising opportunities for you to reach QuickDeal shoppers over and over again.
  • Our advertising opportunities were developed specifically so small businesses could earn the business of the masses without having to pay thousands of dollars for TV, radio, newspaper or telephone directories.
  • Have your advertisement seen thousands of times every month by local buyers.
  • You deserve to find advertising opportunities that work well without having to gamble thousands of dollars.          [email protected]          250-412-3500

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