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July 2010
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Does your vehicle signage whisper sweet nothings? Tip #24

Vehicle signage works and I’d highly recommend that every company have a look at their vehicle signage and evaluate whether it is working for you or not.  I’ve seen so much money wasted on whispering sweet nothings that I wonder why they even bothered.  You don’t put signage on your vehicle so that you can tell it from all the other vehicles in the parking lot at the mall – you do it to grab attention and advertise your company.  So go grab some attention – stop whispering and start yelling.

Vehicle signage works great and is very inexpensive.  Consider your company vehicles to be rolling billboards, driving all over town and standing out from all of the single colour boring paint jobs on all of the normal people vehicles.

  • Your vehicle should be the mohawk haircut in the crowd
  • Your vehicle should be the woman in the red dress at the black and white party
  • Your vehicle should grab your attention even if you weren’t wearing your glasses
  • Your vehicle should carry the messages that make your company different
  • Your vehicle should be more than a logo and phone number – have some fun!

I’ve heard employees say that they’ll be embarrassed driving the billboard or that they are concerned people will complain about their driving – too bad – you are either helping to grow the company and are proud to be a part of it or you should find another job – learn how to drive while you are at it!

Don’t get me wrong – the vehicle doesn’t have to be ugly or have a big hotdog strapped to the roof – it just needs to grab attention.  Go see your local signage company that specializes in applying cut vinyl or vehicle-wraps and ask them to share their ideas on how you can stand out.  Yes, vehicle wraps – your entire vehicle can be wrapped in signage vinyl that is printed with anything you want – photos, words or logos. Windows and rubber can even be wrapped.

Quality vehicle signage can last as long as your vehicle lease if applied correctly.  Even the high pressure car washes won’t lift the messages if applied by professionals.  Don’t cheap out – find the guys that do it right, use the best products and have been successful at doing this for years.  If anything ever does happen to degrade the signage, it can almost always be repaired by the same people at very little cost – so inspect your vehicles on a regular basis and make sure they represent you like the day you drove away from the signage company.

Use your vehicles as signage – do it right – stand out wherever you go and grab the attention of everyone that sees you. I promise you that it will be some of the most effective and inexpensive advertising you can do!          [email protected]          250-412-3500

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