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August 2010
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How Much Do You Pay For Attention?

Just gaining attention is opnly the first stage in marketingI’ve been talking a lot over the past few months about how you can improve business for yourself – tricks of the advertising trade, money savers, techniques, ideas and tips.  Everyone wants to know how to improve business and it isn’t that difficult.  You need to concentrate on those things that will affect and improve your business.  If you spend time, effort and a little bit of money to improve your business – they will come.  When they do, will you be there to answer their call or return their email, will you leave them with a positive impression?

For many of you out there the answer is no, and I’m not sure why.  You spend money to grab attention and get people to approach you.  Sometimes you even get really lucky and have people contact you for some completely unknown reason.  And then, you leave them with distaste or even ignore them.  You might not think you do, but many of you do ignore your customers.

Last month, I sent an email to a company asking specifics about a product they sell that I have purchased and really enjoy.  22 days later I received an email back saying that I should refer to their website where all product specific information is kept.  Seriously, where do they think I found their email address?  While I still like the product, I like the company a little bit less.

Last week I called a company that has been in business for over 20 years – they answered the phone “yeah, what do you want?”.  Calling from my cell phone, I thought it was a joke or perhaps some strange new marketing technique started on Twitter, but the call just got worse. I’ll never deal with that company and I’ll tell everyone I know not to use them. Just ask me which Foam shop not to deal with.

Yesterday, I slowed down while driving in to a playground zone where kids were walking along my side of the street.  I received a not so friendly hand gesture from a guy in a truck as he crossed the centre line and passed me disgusted by my due care and attention.  His company name was posted clearly across the side of his truck.  Will I ever bother to make contact with that company for plumbing services?  Nope.

This morning, I emailed a company and 3 minutes later I had a reply that I was reading just as my phone rang – it was a representative from the company stating that he had emailed me back but he wanted to contact me see if I had any other questions or if he could help me further.  He gets my business.  He earned it.  He paid for my attention and he got it – he responded to me quickly and with attention to service and he earned my business.  Simple Marketing 101.

How quick do you respond to emails?  Do you give it the same priority as phone calls?  How long do your customers wait on hold when they call you?  How do you answer the phone?  Are you friendly even when talking to those that may not be customers – knowing they might be one day?  Are you helpful when getting to serve customers?  Do you give people your full attention when serving them?  Do you drive your company vehicle in a manner in which suggests you need a vacation?

You paid for the attention you are getting – what are you going to do with it?          [email protected]          250-412-3500

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