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August 2010
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How to write a successful Classified Ad – Tip #26

You’ve made the decision to try to sell something.  Now, you need to write a successful ad to try and grab the Attention of the viewer, create the Interest and Desire for your product and get some Action on selling it.   Seems simple, and it is.  I just have to remind myself that many people don’t consider themselves to be a salesperson and even fewer understand successful marketing.  So here you go, I’ll save the day and give you good solid tips on how to write a successful classified ad.

  1. First go read why Attention, Interest, Desire and Action (AIDA) are so important by reading a previous blog posting at QuickDeal entitled “Online Advertising is Sexier than Alec Baldwin
  2. Write a catchy Headline.  This is what you will grab attention from – make it interesting.  If you are selling a house, “House for Sale” isn’t exciting enough to make someone jump up and down.  This is why Realtors get the big bucks for selling your home – they know that it needs a sexy headline (among many other things).  Describe your product so that it paints a picture in the mind of the reader.  Immaculate Ocean-Front Spa-like Dream Home For Sale sounds nice to me. 7000 sq/foot Country Garden Estate on Private Lake sounds nice too.  It isn’t a house for sale – you need to describe what is it that someone will want.
  3. Give the details – what are the most important factors to a buyer interested in what you are selling – is the item new or used, in great shape or priced for immediate sale?  Does it work well and is it reliable? Why are you selling it?  What questions might a buyer want to know before buying it?  Do you know the original price?  Is it under warranty?  Has it been regularly maintained?  Anything really special about the item?  Will you negotiate on the price?   Describe the item as if it is valuable to you no matter what the item is – Describe it like you want to sell it and you’ve given this some time in hope of finding a buyer. 
  4. Buyers like to make a good buying decision – what makes your item stand out from the rest as the one that should be bought?  Price? Condition?  Special features?  Explain why your item is the 0one to have.
  5. Photos, photos and more photos. Take a bunch of photos that show all of the important details.  Think of it like a car – in order to sell a car, you’ll want to show the front, the back, the sides, the engine and interior, special features, the wheels and perhaps even things like the trunk or mileage on the speedometre.
  6. Take some time with the photos and make sure they are in focus and well lit.  Move the item somewhere with better light, a nice background or more space.  A picture is worth a thousand words!
  7. Get them while they are hot. How can people best get in touch with you?  Email is great if you check it regularly – and you should.  Phone is great for those people that want it now – make sure you answer when it rings.  Are you prepared for a buyer to come see the item? Don’t let the interested buyer cool down – respond as quickly as you can and help yourself make this a success.
  8. Price is important – are you giving good value and is the price easy to find within the ad.  Something that is a spectacular price might be best included in the headline, while something that is more expensive that others because of details might be best disclosed at the end of the ad after people have learned all about the product.
  9. If you know something the buyer should know that will help sell the product – tell them.
  10. Remember, your garbage may just be somebody elses treasure.  You don’t want it – but don’t represent it like they shouldn’t want it either.

Now, I started out writing tips on how to write a Successful Classified Ad, not an unsuccessful one. So where are you posting your ad? Hopefully since you are reading this blog you realize that QuickDeal is a great place to post free classified ads.  Craigsist and Kijiji are also popular and are free as well in most cases.  Get your ad as many places as you can and you will sell it – if they are free, why wouldn’t you?

Are you posting your ad in the newspaper?  This isn’t likely a free service.  Is it right the right place for the product you are selling?  Consider who the reader is and the expense of advertising along with how many people are likely to read your ad for that expense compared to the power of the internet. The choice is yours.

Take the time, plan out what you are going to say, crop your photos so they are the best they can be.  Take advantage of the power of the internet and sell your stuff quickly and inexpensively.

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