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August 2010
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Online Advertising is Sexier than Alec Baldwin

In the 1992 movie Glengarry Glen Ross, Alec Baldwin played the role of Blake, a real alpha dog motivational Sales Manager that would make any true Sales Manager proud.  If you haven’t seen it – you missed out on a wonderful movie with an all-star cast that includes Alec, Al Pacino, Jack Lemmon, Alan Arkin, Ed Harris and Kevin Spacey.  While Alec made a beautiful speech within the movie, it doesn’t hold a light to how sexy online advertising can be.

The key to online advertising is to understand why it is so different, why it is so beautiful and why you absolutely must refocus some of your advertising expense towards this opportunity.  Part of Alec’s speech included a lesson on AIDA and that should be your lesson on how to get the most from any banner advertising campaign.

Online advertising is sexy because it is only the prequel to your real moves which take place at your website.  Your website contains everything about your business and why anyone should consider doing business with you – the banner should only be used to grab their Attention, create Interest, build Desire and motivate Action – AIDA.  In the movie, desire was replaced with decision but in my mind, desire is the third step. Sorry Alec.

Too many people make the mistake of throwing the kitchen sink in their banners – AIDA is the secret to banner success.

Your banner is meant to grab the viewers Attention.  Use colour and movement to stand out from the page and get noticed.  You don’t need to get super fancy with flash banners to grab attention, just some quality design in a simple animated GIF format.

You need to create some Interest in what you are selling but don’t confuse this with selling features and benefits, you simply want to create interest in your product.  How?  That is up to you to figure out but I’d suggest that you start with ‘familiarity’.  People are often drawn to those things that are familiar to them.  If you like Dacks shoes, a banner that includes the Dacks brand will likely grab your interest.  Sex, lifestyle, people and animals are just a few of the many things that can be used in your banner to grab interest.

Creating Desire is the next step in creating a successful banner advertisement.  You grabbed their attention and have their interest, now you need them to want what you have to offer.  Is the consumer lacking somehow by not having your product or service?  Is it the latest and greatest or new and improved?  Are you offering samples or a trial?  Make them want what you have.

Action is the last step in creating an effective banner advertisement.  The action you desire is getting them to click on the banner so they arrive at your website – that is where you get to throw the kitchen sink at them – everything they ever wanted and needed to know about you and your product.  Just a click and they are there – it really is beautiful.

Online banner advertising is sexier than Alec Baldwin.  Why?  Because banner advertising combined with the AIDA approach will make you money and grow your business and nothing is going to be sexier and more beautiful than that.          [email protected]          250-412-3500

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