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September 2010
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Find yourself a Guru for Success

The key to success is knowing somebody that knows more than you do.  Do you know somebody?  I’m quite surprised how often I’ve been asked for advice in past few years.  When it comes to advertising and marketing, I’ve got an opinion.  I can talk for hours about marketing, creative design, signage, advertising, radio, television, newspaper, direct mail, internet marketing, Google, search engines, Twitter and Facebook – Marketing is my world and I’ve got an opinion I’m willing to share if you want to hear it.

Now if you want to know about computers, investments, real estate, electronics, cars, coffee, wine, food, travel, shopping, cosmetics, clothing, sports, health, kids, photography, farming, immigration or even bio-fuels – I might be able to talk with reasonable opinions for about 30 seconds but I do know somebody I can call who is my guru on that subject and can give me really great advice.

Nothing beats having the ability to call up a friend and get brilliant insight on just about anything.  Advice that you can count on and trust because you know somebody that knows it all, has been there done that, and learned all of the appropriate lessons along the way.  Gurus are people whose opinions you respect – they are your ‘phone a friend’ list.

Who can you call?  If you don’t have a guru list, add it to your list of things to accomplish this year.  Many people go to networking events to meet people they can sell their products or services to.  I’ve always hated this.  Instead I’ve always been the guy with the opinions on marketing.  I’m not wishy washy and I’ll give you advice I can support.  My friends are the same way.  The only networking I do is to establish friendships with gurus who I can call upon if I need them.  In return, they can call upon me at any time and I’ll jump up to help them without a second thought because they value my opinion and our friendship.  My Guru List is a Social Network of friends who I know have the million dollar answers.

Imagine yourself sitting in front of Regis on ‘Who wants to be a Millionaire’.  You’ve made it to the million dollar question and your only life line is to phone a friend.  Are you willing to bet a million dollars on your friends opinion?  If so, you have a Guru.

Are you a Guru for something?  Can people count on your opinion as a guarantee for results?  Do you have your own list of Gurus?  If you want to be successful, then your life is filled with a series of decisions and your ability to make the best choices.  You can’t possibly have all of the answers on all of the topics but if you are lucky enough, you know who you can count on for the opinions you can take to the bank.  Stop screwing around on Twitter hoping for a way to get more people to follow you – instead, take the time and think about your Guru list – build it, support it and nurture it so that you have the answers you need when you need them.          [email protected]          250-412-3500

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