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March 2011
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Still winning. No Tigersblood for me.

still winning

Still winning.

Yesterday, we had one of our partners request that within his business listing we remove the social media buttons (Facebook, LinkedIn and twitter).  We certainly respect all opinions and points of view and accommodated his request.

His reasoning was that he had heard bad things about Facebook, that it was too easy for people to say negative things and that he didn’t understand or use any of them.   Can’t argue with that.  This gentleman is part of a quality, established company and has the option of not being part of the online social world, especially in the near term. 

Although I certainly agree that it is sometimes too easy to say something online that you would never say directly in person, I believe that as the online world evolves we are going to have to embrace the good with the bad.  I would even go further and say that we are already seeing a lot of the bad as users, providers and abusers learn and figure this all out.

What is the alternative?  One approach is to choose to not participate in parts or any of the online world.  This may and probably will work for those that are established and have good traditional social networks (real life) and have a following of satisfied customers paired with a good reputation.   However, this assumes that if you are not part of the social media, then you won’t be part of the discussion.   Perhaps, it does reduce your involvement in the discussion, but it certainly doesn’t eliminate it.  Further, are you giving up the opportunity to be part of a discussion that is occurring about you, somewhat directing or controlling it with or without you.

It’s a crazy new world, changing quicker than anyone expected and the rules are being made up as we go.   Let’s make sure we update those rules often and wisely. 

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