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August 2011
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Display Advertising is more than meets the eye!

Display Advertising

More than meets the eye

does your campaign have the eye?

More than meets the eye!

Many internet advertising ‘professionals’ would have your believe that display advertising is on the decline or that it is just for brand building, but just doesn’t produce cost–effective traffic or leads. In fact both are far from accurate.

Display advertsing growth is suprising the experts. A surge in display advertising has prompted Emarketer to nearly double its ad growth prediction for 2011.

The researcher had predicted the market would grow 10.5%, but now it expects a 20.2% rise and projects that display will overtake search as the largest online ad spending category by 2015.   ‘In particular, display advertising has exceeded 2011 spending projections. This year such advertising will rise 24.5% to $12.3 billion, according to eMarketer. Meanwhile, search advertising is expected to grow 19.8%, to $14.4 billion. Marketers’ increased use of Internet advertising as a branding vehicle — rather than for direct sales — will prompt faster growth in display, eMarketer projects.’  read more…


It should be obvious the multiple benefits of display advertising.  That being said, we at believe display advertising can be an effective medium–short, mid and long term –to establish your company’s brand and to produce stable and cost effective leads.  The trick lies in having the proper balance of compelling content and properly designed creative, while uncovering the most cost–effective display advertising opportunities available.

*** In May 2011 our average display advertiser paid less than .09 per click.  A great value by any measure and it does not take into account any cost for the 101,000+ times each ad was seen.  That means that the branding benefit of those 101,000+ impressions was provided at no cost! ***

Make sure you maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your display advertising campaigns by combining:

  • Compelling content that maximizes click through – eye catching
  • Design that showcases your brand, and positions you correctly in the market – your brand
  • Effective display advertising opportunities across multiple vendors including but not limited to – mulitple vendors
  • To get the most out of your campaigns and to maximize the branding benefits while receiving the full value of the cost per clicks, plan your campaigns to run for longer periods than you would a standard CPC campaign – plan mid to long term and be seen over and over again

A display advertising campaign will drive traffic and provide a great return on your investment.  It will help you establish your brand and promote it on an ongoing basis.

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