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November 2018
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Internet Advertising Revenues Reach Record $15B In First Half 2011 – Up 23%

Internet ad revenues for the second quarter alone also reached new heights, increasing 24.1 percent to $7.7 billion. That’s up from the Q2 2010 numbers of $6.2 billion, which is up 13.9% from 2009. Display / banner ads totaled more than $5.5 billion in the first six months of 2011 and increased 27.1% over the […]

Display Advertising is more than meets the eye!

More than meets the eye

Display Advertising

does your campaign have the eye?

More than meets the eye!

Many internet advertising ‘professionals’ would have your believe that display advertising is on the decline or that it is just for brand building, but just doesn’t produce cost–effective traffic or leads. In fact both are far from accurate.

Display advertsing growth […]

Still winning. No Tigersblood for me.

What is the alternative? One approach is to choose to not participate in parts or any of the online world. This may and probably will work for those that are established and have good traditional social networks (real life) and have a following of satisfied customers paired with a good reputation. However, this assumes that if you are not part of the social media, then you won’t be part of the discussion. Perhaps, it does reduce your involvment in the dicussion, but it certainly doesn’t eliminate it. Further, are you giving up the opportunity to be part of a dicussion that is occuring about you, somewhat directing or controlling it with or without you. […]

New Media – Old Rules. How one quick quip can destroy your reputation

More than 30 years ago when I began my journalism career, we didn’t have Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, LinkedIn or any of the other new communication tools that we have today. But we did have senior editors who gave good advice. Some of that advice has lasted a lifetime for me. It should be taken on board by those using new media and social media in 2010. […]

The sky isn’t falling

What have we learned? We have known that the IP4 address allocation would not sufficient for many years (over a decade). There is a successor to IP4 called IP6 that’s in place. That many people and companies have planned for this for years. There will be a few hiccups as we transition over to IP6. And most important, almost all of us won’t even know it happened. […]