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February 2019
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Local Businesses – Business Listings – comment with livefyre or facebook now

business comments

business comments

We have added the livefyre commenting system to our local businesses section. To see it in action, choose a local business from the business section of quickdeal and hit the comments button or scroll to the bottom.

With the addition of livefyre, visitors to business profiles now how the choice of both […]

Shopping Section upgrades

Today, we have rolled out another upgrade to the shopping section. If you click on the SHOPPING tab, you now have the ability to display the list of new and used items available for sale, wanted or free or the goods and services offered or wanted – either by Date or Popularity. Give it a […]

9 New Cities now being served – shopping, classifieds, businesses, quick deals and advertising

We are pleased to announce that the following 9 cites are now live:

Heriot Bay, British Columbia

Highland, Kansas

Pembroke Park, Florida

Webster, New York

Raymond, Maine

Fair Lawn, New Jersey

Lady Lake, Florida

Yorba Linda, California

Chemainus, British Columbia


Inbound marketing makes more sense than outbound marketing

Marketing has changed dramitically over the years. Thanks in large part to the Internet.

We no longer rely on billboards and TV advertising, examples of outbound marketing , to learn about new products. The Internet has empowered us beyond them.

As the Internet has evolved we have alternative methods for finding, buying and researching products, […]

Internet Advertising Abbreviations

Below you will find the most common Internet Advertising Abbreviations:

CPM: Cost per impression; the cost of an online advert per thousand views. The M stands for the Roman Numeral representing 1,000. For example, in banner advertising you pay for each 1,000 ad views your banner receives.

So CPM = C=Cost P=Per M=1,000.

CPC: Cost […]

Display Advertising is more than meets the eye!

More than meets the eye

Display Advertising

does your campaign have the eye?

More than meets the eye!

Many internet advertising ‘professionals’ would have your believe that display advertising is on the decline or that it is just for brand building, but just doesn’t produce cost–effective traffic or leads. In fact both are far from accurate.

Display advertsing growth […]

Still winning. No Tigersblood for me.

What is the alternative? One approach is to choose to not participate in parts or any of the online world. This may and probably will work for those that are established and have good traditional social networks (real life) and have a following of satisfied customers paired with a good reputation. However, this assumes that if you are not part of the social media, then you won’t be part of the discussion. Perhaps, it does reduce your involvment in the dicussion, but it certainly doesn’t eliminate it. Further, are you giving up the opportunity to be part of a dicussion that is occuring about you, somewhat directing or controlling it with or without you. […]

Make it Dark to become more Visible – Tip #29

As a marketer, I love this time of year. Halloween is over and focus switches to preparing for winter and the holiday season. The one thing that we can absolutely count on at this time of year is that the sun is going to set earlier and the effect of darkness on your business needs […]

28 million internet users in Canada and 220 million in the US and you don’t have a website

It is late 2010 and you don’t have a website for your business. Why? Creating a website is now as simple as 1, 2, 3. It can literally be done in minutes. If you don’t have a website for your business, put it on your bucket list for this month and get it done. You […]

Testimonial Advertising is Word of Mouth for Smart Marketers – Tip #28

Word of mouth advertising is great, but how many people really hear about you? We can all remember a shampoo commercial from back in the old days where the woman loves her shampoo so much that she told two friends and they told two friends and so on and so on and so on. If […]

Stop doing something today and do something new tomorrow – Tip #27

As marketing people or business owners, we tend to be pretty good at starting new things that we think will grow our business . We aren’t however always very good at abandoning those things that aren’t working. Choose something today that isn’t working and stop it.

Too many leaders waste too much time trying to […]

How to write a successful Classified Ad – Tip #26

You’ve made the decision to try to sell something. Now, you need to write a successful ad to try and grab the Attention of the viewer, create the Interest and Desire for your product and get some Action on selling it. Seems simple, and it is. I just have to remind myself that many people […]

Advantage Marketing – Do what gives you an advantage Tip #25

Marketing is very exciting if you keep it simple and concentrate on those things that give you an advantage. Business owners have so many choices as to how they can market their company and almost every sales reps presentation focuses on very similar benefits. I suggest that you concentrate on marketing that gives you an […]

Does your vehicle signage whisper sweet nothings? Tip #24

Vehicle signage works and I’d highly recommend that every company have a look at their vehicle signage and evaluate whether it is working for you or not. I’ve seen so much money wasted on whispering sweet nothings that I wonder why they even bothered. You don’t put signage on your vehicle so that you can […]

The lights are out so go lock the doors Tip #23

Ever work with somebody that goes over the top on some issues and makes you think they must be crazy? Someone that leaves you clearly understanding that you are supposed to drop whatever you are doing to attend whatever they feel is important at that split second? I worked with a man just like this […]

Here’s your Marketing Plan – Go Get Noticed. Tip #22

Marketing isn’t as tough as everyone wants to make it seem – just go get noticed.

Company Vehicles: These should be considered moving billboards at a better price. Do they stand out and get noticed or are they discreet and simple? Think of your vehicles as billboards and you’ll get noticed. Many years ago, […]

If it isn’t read, it’s dead. Tip #21

What your advertising is supposed to accomplish depends on where the advertising is published. An advertisement in the the newspaper will be quite different than in a phone directory which is quite different from a banner on a website. The message needs to be different depending on your objectives. Make your ad appropriate for the […]

Are you a camouflage advertiser? Tip #13 …and then some

Camouflage advertising is the art of causing your ad to blend in with all of the other messages in the market so that it can’t be seen. I’ve got to pass out some kudos here because so many of you do a really wonderful job of never being seen or heard of even though you […]

Marketing is more popular than The Beatles. Tip #12

Many people are confused about what marketing is with much of the thanks going to companies who have tried to hide salespeople behind a different name. Marketing is the big brother umbrella to sales. Marketing is the logic and emotion behind what drives sales and can reach in to every department within an organization. Every […]

Have you ever really looked at your business? Tip #11

Fresh eyes. How do you keep your eyes fresh on your business as if they are seeing your business for the first time? As a business owner or manager, part of your job is understanding what the public sees when they view your business for the first time. It is tough to see with fresh […]