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February 2019
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Temple, Texas – Now Being Served – shopping, classifieds, businesses, quick deals and advertising

Quick Deal Services Inc. is pleased to announce that Temple, Texas is now being served. This brings Temple the latest in shopping, classifieds, businesses, quick deals and advertising.

Gorham, Maine – Now Being Served – shopping, classifieds, businesses, quick deals and advertising

Quick Deal Services Inc. is pleased to announce that Gorham, Maine is now being served. This brings Gorham the latest in shopping, classifieds, businesses, quick deals andadvertising.

Inbound marketing makes more sense than outbound marketing

Marketing has changed dramitically over the years. Thanks in large part to the Internet.

We no longer rely on billboards and TV advertising, examples of outbound marketing , to learn about new products. The Internet has empowered us beyond them.

As the Internet has evolved we have alternative methods for finding, buying and researching products, […]

28 million internet users in Canada and 220 million in the US and you don’t have a website

It is late 2010 and you don’t have a website for your business. Why? Creating a website is now as simple as 1, 2, 3. It can literally be done in minutes. If you don’t have a website for your business, put it on your bucket list for this month and get it done. You […]

Your Business Card Could Be Your First Impression

A few years ago, I was in Las Vegas attending a conference. I was engaged in a great conversation with someone who seemed to be saying all the right things about his products and services and then he handed me his business card. I barely took a look at it and walked away from him […]

Stimulation isn’t just about the Good Times

Sure times are difficult in this economy and many businesses are hanging on just trying to ensure that they are around when the economy improves. During the tough times, don’t make the mistake of letting the Accountant run your business – the Sales Manager should. Accountants tend to want to hold on to the […]

Does your vehicle signage whisper sweet nothings? Tip #24

Vehicle signage works and I’d highly recommend that every company have a look at their vehicle signage and evaluate whether it is working for you or not. I’ve seen so much money wasted on whispering sweet nothings that I wonder why they even bothered. You don’t put signage on your vehicle so that you can […]

Your Logo: How can I recognize you if you have 10 different faces?

Imagine if your friend looked different every time you saw them – how would you know it was them? You might walk right past them on the street because they didn’t look like your friend. The logo for your business is pretty much the same as your friend – you need to be able to […]

The lights are out so go lock the doors Tip #23

Ever work with somebody that goes over the top on some issues and makes you think they must be crazy? Someone that leaves you clearly understanding that you are supposed to drop whatever you are doing to attend whatever they feel is important at that split second? I worked with a man just like this […]

Each of us are completely unique, just like everyone else. Tip #7

Creativity in marketing is an absolute must but for some reason when it comes to marketing many people choose to be the same.

Yesterday morning I was driving down the street and saw a realtor setting up for an open-house. Her Mercedes was pulled over to the side of the road and she was setting […]

Getting the most from advertising – Tip #1

I’ve seen a lot of common mistakes when it comes to advertising, branding your business and the roadmap to growing your business but getting the most from your advertising is really very simple. Evaluating what you are doing and how you are doing it is very important. If you need to make changes – get […]

A cup of coffee a day

Did you know that a single cup of coffee every day can actually help improve your business? It’s true. Many people think nothing of spending $3.50 a day for a fancy coffee to give them a little extra boost of energy or calm the nerves as the day gets underway at the office. Will that […]