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February 2019
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9 New Cities now being served – shopping, classifieds, businesses, quick deals and advertising

We are pleased to announce the following cities have been added and are now live:

Roswell, Georgia – see what’s for sale and visit businesses

Bowie, Maryland – see what’s for sale and visit businesses

San Bruno, California – see what’s for sale and visit businesses

Tinley Park, Illinois – see what’s for sale and […]

Plastic, Paper, Reusable, Biodegradable, Free or 5-cents

The world has changed and many companies are changing with the times but some just don’t get it. We all know that plastic bags aren’t good for the environment as millions of bags end up in landfills every day. With more focus on being responsible to our planet, consumers and companies are both faced with […]

Stop doing something today and do something new tomorrow – Tip #27

As marketing people or business owners, we tend to be pretty good at starting new things that we think will grow our business . We aren’t however always very good at abandoning those things that aren’t working. Choose something today that isn’t working and stop it.

Too many leaders waste too much time trying to […]

How Much Do You Pay For Attention?

I’ve been talking a lot over the past few months about how you can improve business for yourself – tricks of the advertising trade, money savers, techniques, ideas and tips. Everyone wants to know how to improve business and it isn’t that difficult. You need to concentrate on those things that will affect and improve […]

If it ain’t broke, you might not be looking close enough.

I’ve been working in the marketing business for many years and have certainly established opinions on what works and what doesn’t – so here is my best advice: Throw away your opinions.

An opinion is still considered up in the air – it is not fact. The best marketers will use their knowledge to make […]

Pass me my change correctly please Tip #8

Sure, it sounds like a simple thing and perhaps you have more to worry about but sometimes it is these simple things that add up to a lasting impression. Training your people to do the job correctly is more than just how to use the cash register – perhaps we should focus more on how […]