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December 2018
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Testimonial Advertising is Word of Mouth for Smart Marketers – Tip #28

Word of mouth advertising is great, but how many people really hear about you? We can all remember a shampoo commercial from back in the old days where the woman loves her shampoo so much that she told two friends and they told two friends and so on and so on and so on. If […]

How to write a successful Classified Ad – Tip #26

You’ve made the decision to try to sell something. Now, you need to write a successful ad to try and grab the Attention of the viewer, create the Interest and Desire for your product and get some Action on selling it. Seems simple, and it is. I just have to remind myself that many people […]

If it isn’t read, it’s dead. Tip #21

What your advertising is supposed to accomplish depends on where the advertising is published. An advertisement in the the newspaper will be quite different than in a phone directory which is quite different from a banner on a website. The message needs to be different depending on your objectives. Make your ad appropriate for the […]

Copywriting – a hundred different ways to say what doesn’t get read. Tip #4

Copywriting is salesmanship in marketing at its very best. The job of the copywriter is to write words that get read and hopefully lead to a sale. You can say too much or not enough. You can grab attention but end up losing it. You could make an impression – good or bad. Or, sadly, […]