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December 2018
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Your Business Card Could Be Your First Impression

A few years ago, I was in Las Vegas attending a conference. I was engaged in a great conversation with someone who seemed to be saying all the right things about his products and services and then he handed me his business card. I barely took a look at it and walked away from him […]

If it isn’t read, it’s dead. Tip #21

What your advertising is supposed to accomplish depends on where the advertising is published. An advertisement in the the newspaper will be quite different than in a phone directory which is quite different from a banner on a website. The message needs to be different depending on your objectives. Make your ad appropriate for the […]

Are you a camouflage advertiser? Tip #13 …and then some

Camouflage advertising is the art of causing your ad to blend in with all of the other messages in the market so that it can’t be seen. I’ve got to pass out some kudos here because so many of you do a really wonderful job of never being seen or heard of even though you […]

Hire a Graphic Designer or your Nephew Judd? Tip #3

Everyone has a computer and everyone knows someone that claims to be able to save you money by creating your advertising for you. We’ve got a name for those that take on the task of creative development that shouldn’t – it is called Nephew Art. You have planned your advertising to get you the most […]