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October 2018
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Plastic, Paper, Reusable, Biodegradable, Free or 5-cents

The world has changed and many companies are changing with the times but some just don’t get it. We all know that plastic bags aren’t good for the environment as millions of bags end up in landfills every day. With more focus on being responsible to our planet, consumers and companies are both faced with […]

Your signage is out of control

One day, I was approached by a team leader in a company I was responsible for the marketing for and she had a request for a new sign. Apparently, a customer came in to pay her thousand dollar invoice and asked if she could use our washroom. Now we needed a sign that told customers […]

How Much Do You Pay For Attention?

I’ve been talking a lot over the past few months about how you can improve business for yourself – tricks of the advertising trade, money savers, techniques, ideas and tips. Everyone wants to know how to improve business and it isn’t that difficult. You need to concentrate on those things that will affect and improve […]

Why are Fast Food and Groceries different businesses?

Customer service is one of those things that every business wants to concentrate on to improve the satisfaction of their customers. I’d like to pass along some advice for businesses to have a look at and discuss at your next staff meeting.

Speed of service is very important to me. For instance, when […]

The lights are out so go lock the doors Tip #23

Ever work with somebody that goes over the top on some issues and makes you think they must be crazy? Someone that leaves you clearly understanding that you are supposed to drop whatever you are doing to attend whatever they feel is important at that split second? I worked with a man just like this […]

Have you ever really looked at your business? Tip #11

Fresh eyes. How do you keep your eyes fresh on your business as if they are seeing your business for the first time? As a business owner or manager, part of your job is understanding what the public sees when they view your business for the first time. It is tough to see with fresh […]