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November 2018
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Testimonial Advertising is Word of Mouth for Smart Marketers – Tip #28

Word of mouth advertising is great, but how many people really hear about you? We can all remember a shampoo commercial from back in the old days where the woman loves her shampoo so much that she told two friends and they told two friends and so on and so on and so on. If […]

Stop doing something today and do something new tomorrow – Tip #27

As marketing people or business owners, we tend to be pretty good at starting new things that we think will grow our business . We aren’t however always very good at abandoning those things that aren’t working. Choose something today that isn’t working and stop it.

Too many leaders waste too much time trying to […]

Your signage is out of control

One day, I was approached by a team leader in a company I was responsible for the marketing for and she had a request for a new sign. Apparently, a customer came in to pay her thousand dollar invoice and asked if she could use our washroom. Now we needed a sign that told customers […]

Stimulation isn’t just about the Good Times

Sure times are difficult in this economy and many businesses are hanging on just trying to ensure that they are around when the economy improves. During the tough times, don’t make the mistake of letting the Accountant run your business – the Sales Manager should. Accountants tend to want to hold on to the […]

Online Advertising is Sexier than Alec Baldwin

In the 1992 movie Glengarry Glen Ross, Alec Baldwin played the role of Blake, a real alpha dog motivational Sales Manager that would make any true Sales Manager proud. If you haven’t seen it – you missed out on a wonderful movie with an all-star cast that includes Alec, Al Pacino, Jack Lemmon, Alan Arkin, […]

Advantage Marketing – Do what gives you an advantage Tip #25

Marketing is very exciting if you keep it simple and concentrate on those things that give you an advantage. Business owners have so many choices as to how they can market their company and almost every sales reps presentation focuses on very similar benefits. I suggest that you concentrate on marketing that gives you an […]

Does your vehicle signage whisper sweet nothings? Tip #24

Vehicle signage works and I’d highly recommend that every company have a look at their vehicle signage and evaluate whether it is working for you or not. I’ve seen so much money wasted on whispering sweet nothings that I wonder why they even bothered. You don’t put signage on your vehicle so that you can […]

Why are Fast Food and Groceries different businesses?

Customer service is one of those things that every business wants to concentrate on to improve the satisfaction of their customers. I’d like to pass along some advice for businesses to have a look at and discuss at your next staff meeting.

Speed of service is very important to me. For instance, when […]

Your Logo: How can I recognize you if you have 10 different faces?

Imagine if your friend looked different every time you saw them – how would you know it was them? You might walk right past them on the street because they didn’t look like your friend. The logo for your business is pretty much the same as your friend – you need to be able to […]

The lights are out so go lock the doors Tip #23

Ever work with somebody that goes over the top on some issues and makes you think they must be crazy? Someone that leaves you clearly understanding that you are supposed to drop whatever you are doing to attend whatever they feel is important at that split second? I worked with a man just like this […]

If it ain’t broke, you might not be looking close enough.

I’ve been working in the marketing business for many years and have certainly established opinions on what works and what doesn’t – so here is my best advice: Throw away your opinions.

An opinion is still considered up in the air – it is not fact. The best marketers will use their knowledge to make […]

Here’s your Marketing Plan – Go Get Noticed. Tip #22

Marketing isn’t as tough as everyone wants to make it seem – just go get noticed.

Company Vehicles: These should be considered moving billboards at a better price. Do they stand out and get noticed or are they discreet and simple? Think of your vehicles as billboards and you’ll get noticed. Many years ago, […]

If it isn’t read, it’s dead. Tip #21

What your advertising is supposed to accomplish depends on where the advertising is published. An advertisement in the the newspaper will be quite different than in a phone directory which is quite different from a banner on a website. The message needs to be different depending on your objectives. Make your ad appropriate for the […]

Ice Cubes, Eskimos and Advertising

A man wakes up in his Ikea bedroom, pulls on his Nike’s, eats his Kellogg’s cereal, drinks his Starbucks, checks his Blackberry, blows his nose with a Kleenex, brushes his teeth using Colgate toothpaste, jumps in his Audi, listens to his Sirius satellite radio on his way to work where he tells an advertising agent […]

The 20 great reasons that you should get to know QuickDeal


During these difficult economic times, buying lightly used items online will save you money. Finding items for sale within your local community will save you shipping costs and you get to see the item first. We provide millions of items from over 1200 websites so that you have a good selection of local items […]

Are you a camouflage advertiser? Tip #13 …and then some

Camouflage advertising is the art of causing your ad to blend in with all of the other messages in the market so that it can’t be seen. I’ve got to pass out some kudos here because so many of you do a really wonderful job of never being seen or heard of even though you […]

Marketing is more popular than The Beatles. Tip #12

Many people are confused about what marketing is with much of the thanks going to companies who have tried to hide salespeople behind a different name. Marketing is the big brother umbrella to sales. Marketing is the logic and emotion behind what drives sales and can reach in to every department within an organization. Every […]

Slash and Burn? Tough times call for smarter moves. Tip #10

Tough times for business come and go but some people look at marketing as a luxury for business and not a requirement. If that is the case for you, I only have two things to say:

You probably don’t have much of a focus on marketing or you would see the value. It is never […]

Getting the most from advertising – Tip #1

I’ve seen a lot of common mistakes when it comes to advertising, branding your business and the roadmap to growing your business but getting the most from your advertising is really very simple. Evaluating what you are doing and how you are doing it is very important. If you need to make changes – get […]

How to grow your business

Businesses today need to look for advantages everywhere they can find them. Advantages in costs, people, suppliers, location, features, communications, technology, etc. Every advantage joins together with all of the other advantages to give your company an edge.

When it comes to marketing, you really need to find an advantage. Everybody can spend thousands of […]