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December 2018
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Plastic, Paper, Reusable, Biodegradable, Free or 5-cents

The world has changed and many companies are changing with the times but some just don’t get it. We all know that plastic bags aren’t good for the environment as millions of bags end up in landfills every day. With more focus on being responsible to our planet, consumers and companies are both faced with […]

Stimulation isn’t just about the Good Times

Sure times are difficult in this economy and many businesses are hanging on just trying to ensure that they are around when the economy improves. During the tough times, don’t make the mistake of letting the Accountant run your business – the Sales Manager should. Accountants tend to want to hold on to the […]

Why are Fast Food and Groceries different businesses?

Customer service is one of those things that every business wants to concentrate on to improve the satisfaction of their customers. I’d like to pass along some advice for businesses to have a look at and discuss at your next staff meeting.

Speed of service is very important to me. For instance, when […]

Your Logo: How can I recognize you if you have 10 different faces?

Imagine if your friend looked different every time you saw them – how would you know it was them? You might walk right past them on the street because they didn’t look like your friend. The logo for your business is pretty much the same as your friend – you need to be able to […]

Go big or go home? Tip #2

Go big or go home? This is one of the most common mistakes companies make when purchasing advertising. Let’s face it, we all know that bigger is better – but when combined with frequency it just isn’t so – unless you have an unlimited advertising budget. Everyone wants to go bigger, but longer is much […]