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February 2019
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Internet Advertising Abbreviations

Below you will find the most common Internet Advertising Abbreviations:

CPM: Cost per impression; the cost of an online advert per thousand views. The M stands for the Roman Numeral representing 1,000. For example, in banner advertising you pay for each 1,000 ad views your banner receives.

So CPM = C=Cost P=Per M=1,000.

CPC: Cost […]

Still winning. No Tigersblood for me.

What is the alternative? One approach is to choose to not participate in parts or any of the online world. This may and probably will work for those that are established and have good traditional social networks (real life) and have a following of satisfied customers paired with a good reputation. However, this assumes that if you are not part of the social media, then you won’t be part of the discussion. Perhaps, it does reduce your involvment in the dicussion, but it certainly doesn’t eliminate it. Further, are you giving up the opportunity to be part of a dicussion that is occuring about you, somewhat directing or controlling it with or without you. […]

The sky isn’t falling

What have we learned? We have known that the IP4 address allocation would not sufficient for many years (over a decade). There is a successor to IP4 called IP6 that’s in place. That many people and companies have planned for this for years. There will be a few hiccups as we transition over to IP6. And most important, almost all of us won’t even know it happened. […]

Stop doing something today and do something new tomorrow – Tip #27

As marketing people or business owners, we tend to be pretty good at starting new things that we think will grow our business . We aren’t however always very good at abandoning those things that aren’t working. Choose something today that isn’t working and stop it.

Too many leaders waste too much time trying to […]

How to write a successful Classified Ad – Tip #26

You’ve made the decision to try to sell something. Now, you need to write a successful ad to try and grab the Attention of the viewer, create the Interest and Desire for your product and get some Action on selling it. Seems simple, and it is. I just have to remind myself that many people […]

Advantage Marketing – Do what gives you an advantage Tip #25

Marketing is very exciting if you keep it simple and concentrate on those things that give you an advantage. Business owners have so many choices as to how they can market their company and almost every sales reps presentation focuses on very similar benefits. I suggest that you concentrate on marketing that gives you an […]

Does your vehicle signage whisper sweet nothings? Tip #24

Vehicle signage works and I’d highly recommend that every company have a look at their vehicle signage and evaluate whether it is working for you or not. I’ve seen so much money wasted on whispering sweet nothings that I wonder why they even bothered. You don’t put signage on your vehicle so that you can […]

Why are Fast Food and Groceries different businesses?

Customer service is one of those things that every business wants to concentrate on to improve the satisfaction of their customers. I’d like to pass along some advice for businesses to have a look at and discuss at your next staff meeting.

Speed of service is very important to me. For instance, when […]

Your Logo: How can I recognize you if you have 10 different faces?

Imagine if your friend looked different every time you saw them – how would you know it was them? You might walk right past them on the street because they didn’t look like your friend. The logo for your business is pretty much the same as your friend – you need to be able to […]

How to grow your business

Businesses today need to look for advantages everywhere they can find them. Advantages in costs, people, suppliers, location, features, communications, technology, etc. Every advantage joins together with all of the other advantages to give your company an edge.

When it comes to marketing, you really need to find an advantage. Everybody can spend thousands of […]