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February 2019
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New Cities now being served

We are pleased to announcing the following cities are now being served. This brings our total to 1146 active local communities offering you the best in shopping, classifieds, businesses, deals and advertising. city province or state Sanford North Carolina Macedon New York Bridgeton New Jersey Englewood Florida Davenport Florida Wellington Florida Sierra Vista Arizona Coventry […]

9 New Cities now being served – shopping, classifieds, businesses, quick deals and advertising

We are pleased to announce that the following 9 cites are now live:

Heriot Bay, British Columbia

Highland, Kansas

Pembroke Park, Florida

Webster, New York

Raymond, Maine

Fair Lawn, New Jersey

Lady Lake, Florida

Yorba Linda, California

Chemainus, British Columbia


Make it Dark to become more Visible – Tip #29

As a marketer, I love this time of year. Halloween is over and focus switches to preparing for winter and the holiday season. The one thing that we can absolutely count on at this time of year is that the sun is going to set earlier and the effect of darkness on your business needs […]

28 million internet users in Canada and 220 million in the US and you don’t have a website

It is late 2010 and you don’t have a website for your business. Why? Creating a website is now as simple as 1, 2, 3. It can literally be done in minutes. If you don’t have a website for your business, put it on your bucket list for this month and get it done. You […]

Why should you respect car dealers for putting out balloons?

The car business has been poked fun at since the days of white belts, cowboy hats and balloons. What can you learn from them and take away for your own business? In every city, in every province or state and in just about any country you can always count on the car business to pretty […]

How to grow your business

Businesses today need to look for advantages everywhere they can find them. Advantages in costs, people, suppliers, location, features, communications, technology, etc. Every advantage joins together with all of the other advantages to give your company an edge.

When it comes to marketing, you really need to find an advantage. Everybody can spend thousands of […]