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December 2018
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Still winning. No Tigersblood for me.

What is the alternative? One approach is to choose to not participate in parts or any of the online world. This may and probably will work for those that are established and have good traditional social networks (real life) and have a following of satisfied customers paired with a good reputation. However, this assumes that if you are not part of the social media, then you won’t be part of the discussion. Perhaps, it does reduce your involvment in the dicussion, but it certainly doesn’t eliminate it. Further, are you giving up the opportunity to be part of a dicussion that is occuring about you, somewhat directing or controlling it with or without you. […]

Testimonial Advertising is Word of Mouth for Smart Marketers – Tip #28

Word of mouth advertising is great, but how many people really hear about you? We can all remember a shampoo commercial from back in the old days where the woman loves her shampoo so much that she told two friends and they told two friends and so on and so on and so on. If […]

Word of Mouth can be a Dirty Word

Word of Mouth advertising is the passing of information about your business from person to person. It can be wonderful or the worst thing for your business. As an advertiser and marketer, I know how beneficial telling a strong story can be to the growth of a business and I go out of my way […]