Bronzage Bishop

Our goal is to provide a refreshingly positive tanning experience and change the way people view tanning. Our guests enjoy an atmosphere of relaxation and cleanliness in our upscale tanning salon, while being treated with respect by our professional staff.


Tornade Académie de coiffure

La coiffure vous passionne? À l’académie de coiffure Tornade, vous développerez votre habileté manuelle ainsi que votre esprit créatif grâce à nos enseignants hautement qualifiés. Vous apprendrez diverses techniques pour styliser une chevelure selon les tendances mode et les goûts du client.


Au Barbershop Coiffure

All stylists use their own creativity and talent to inspire new coifs to perfectly suit their clients' wishes. Plus, since all stylists also do their own colouring, shampooing and cuts, customers are sure to develop a rapport with their own personal hair-care provider.


Gibson Salon

Our warm and tranquil surroundings provide the perfect environment to escape from daily stress. For total mind and body relaxation, we offer a full array of treatments and services. Discover complete serenity and wellness through massage therapy, facial care, body care, full esthetic services and hairstyling

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