FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

This section holds questions and answers regarding all things quickdeal.com.

  1. What is Quickdeal.com?

  2. Why should I use quickdeal over any other classifieds website?

  3. Do I need an account to use Quickdeal.com?

  4. I don't see my city listed. May I suggest a city to be added?

What is Quickdeal.com?

Quickdeal.com is a facilitor and provider of online information, news and media focused locallaly and deliverd globally.

Our initial focus is that of providing the most complete local shopping resource encompassing many services all under one virtual roof.

We provide the best of your city: Businesses, Events & Savings. Buying & Selling, News & Marketing. Always getting better, always evolving. Evolve with us!

Why should i use quickdeal over any other classifieds website?

QuickDeal is not just a classifieds website.  We bring a collection of sites together under one roof that serve as an alternative to all of the old world media products.

As the world changes, traditional forms of media have become less popular each year but QuickDeal brings many of their benefits back.

At QuickDeal, you can shop for items that used to be listed in the classified section of your newspaper and even place an ad for free. You can find a local business without needing millions of trees to be chopped down to print yellow page directories. You can find out what is happening around town this weekend without listening to the radio, watching TV or buying the newspaper. Businesses don’t have to inflate prices to afford spending thousands of dollars to advertise their sales as they can be listed for free in a convenient website where you can search for exactly what you are looking for and find it – with photos and maps, choices and prices, video and all of the details. We offer 4 basic sections at QuickDeal: Shopping, QuickDeals, Business Directory and Around Town. Try each of the sections, bookmark us and come back often as we are always changing, always improving and always striving to give you a place to come for a Quick Deal.

Do I need an account to use Quickdeal.com?

No.  The majority of the content available does not require you to have an account and is provided to you at no charge.  By joining quickdeal with a user login, additional features and functionality are made available to you at no-charge that can considerably increase your effectiveness within quickdeal.

I don't see my city listed. May I suggest a city to be added?

Please do. Send an email to [email protected] with your suggestion.   Just let us know the City, State/Province and Country and we will endeavor to add your city soon.