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Heading:Transcribers and Editors
Description:Transcribers and editors work on-line, setting their own schedule and pace. Work as much or as little as you want, on jobs that take from a few seconds to many hours to finish. We tend to keep the transcription jobs small, so you can fit them in. Come to the site and view available work. Choose a piece and accept the job. Work away, on-line - or off - as you prefer. Submit the work. Other workers, andwe will review the work. Your badge scores will go up with good work, and you'll get access to higher paying work. Request payment and get paid via PayPal the following Friday. To Become A Member: Please visit and click on Join Now and select the Transcription WAH Job Bank Registry to become a member to get connected with this client. Please email us your resume after you register with your requirements and work history. Please reference agent id code MJOLANGELA3250 on your registration submission.
Employment Type:Full Time
Job Title:Editor|Transcriber
Company:Mommy Jobs Online
Employee Type:Contractor
QD ID:164012476

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