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Heading:Paralegal - Tax
Description:Paralegal - Tax Applicant will be supporting International Tax and Structured Finance practice groups. Will be responsible assisting the International Corporate Reorganization team in Boston (and other offices as necessary) with the execution of Legal Micro-Step Plans. This would be generally based on precedents in any given jurisdiction regarding specific activities such as: the formation of holding companies, the contribution of shares in exchange for shares, the sale and purchase of shares, the distribution of shares as dividends, the settlement of debt instruments within group companies, the liquidation of entities worldwide, intangible property transfers, opening of branch offices, conversion of entities to different legal status, merger of entities within a jurisdiction, confirmation of financial statements, changes of directors and officers, and the drafting and authorization of board resolutions for entities located anywhere in the world.
Employment Type:Full Time
Job Title:Paralegal
Company:Law Firm Staff
QD ID:164096777

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