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Heading:Roommate wanted to share Two BR One BA apartment...
Description:Email me if your interested. Carlson_glenn1988 Looking for a roommate.I work more than full time (9am-930pm) and am hardly home. Looking for a full time working roommate only. If you don't work full time then unfortunately I can't rent the room to you. I'm a very clean person and need that in return from a roommate. Drug free and smoke free apartment. If you want to smoke cigeretts or weed do so outside only. I don't smoke weed but don't mind if you do. Responsible and respectful and trustworthy ppl only. No partying or loud music. I have 1 cat and 1 dog both are friendly and well taken care of. I have my daughter who is eight on the weekends and that won't change. The extra room is hers right now but will be emptied out by May first. She will stay in my room Saturday and Sunday when she's over. I have renters insurance and security cameras inside and outside my apartment.(Livingroom, my bedroom, front porch, parking lot) Rules : - No smoking anything inside - No drugs of any kind.
QD ID:163970928
City:Citrus Heights

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