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Heading:Hot Rod Metal Polish Boyd Coddington parts for sale
Description:DeSoto Custom Extreme Polish & Protection for All Metals Boyd’s Hot Rod Metal Polish is designed to restore, clean, polishes and protects metal surfaces to achieve stunning results with little effort. Boyd’s Hot Rod Metal Polish™ uses advanced cleaners that cut through oxidation fast and easy for quality results. Harsh environmental contaminants, oxidation, water spots, and road tar can dull your metal work leaving behind a neglected appearance. Boyd’s Hot Rod Metal Polish™ easily polishes all of your metal surfaces to a brilliant shine that will truly impress. Boyd’s Hot Rod Metal Polish™ is formulated with a high-tech metal sealant designed to protect your metal from future oxidation and water spots. Boyd’s Hot Rod Metal Polish™ not only delivers impeccable results but it is easy to use, requires minimal effort, is a non-drip formula, and non-aggressive so it is safe to use on even the most delicate of finishes.
QD ID:162521398
City:Kansas City (MO)

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