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Heading:2013 Premier, 260 Grand Entertainer Pontoon Boat
Description:2013 Premier 260 Grand Entertainer with 56.8 hours.The top back of the front couch rubbed against the rocks causing the fabric to rip as did the mid ship captains chair, the side walls from front to rear were pushed in, scraped and dented, the gunner rail has rub marks and the corner covers are torn. the pontoon has a small dent on the end that did not effect the integrity of the tube and is above the waterline. The bar took the worst beating, the bar was moved over about 4 inches, the refrigerator fell out of the cabinet, the drawers will not stay shut and the fiberglass broke in several places, the cabana bar top has minimal damage and could be fixed pretty easily.
QD ID:162893015
City:Kansas City (MO)

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