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Heading:Houseparents, FT - Relocate to Hershey, PA
Description:Do you love working with children and youth to shape their lives in a positive direction? Do you enjoy working with your spouse? Would you enjoy managing a large-scale home and creating family traditions for those in your care? Consider Flex Houseparenting at the Milton Hershey School in Hershey, Pennsylvania!! Milton Hershey School Flex Houseparents live and work in homes on campus with eight to 12 children. Flex Houseparents are care-givers and role models for the students - living with them in campus homes. Flex Houseparents oversee the children's daily lives including the start of their day (prayer/devotions, healthy breakfast, appropriate dress & to school on-time) as well as upon their return from classes (healthy dinners, homework, chores, driving to/from extra-curricular in school vans, & to bed in a timely manner). Also responsible for administrative duties, home management, Sunday chapel attendance with students, meeting participation & training attendance.
Employment Type:Full Time
Job Title:Houseparents Ft - Relocate to
Industry:Personal Care
Company:Milton Hershey School
Employee Type:Full Time
QD ID:163842081

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