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Heading:Implications of future development pathways for the risks of climate change
Description:Join us for this lunchtime seminar with Dr. Kristie Ebi- lunch will be provided. The risks of climate change will be due not just to the hazards associated with changes in weather and climate, but also the extent to which natural and human systems are exposed to these hazards, the sensitivity of exposed systems, and the ability of natural and human systems to prevent, prepare for, and cope with impacts that arise. Exposure, sensitivity, and capacity will change over time, depending on individual and collective choices, how these choices interact, and their short- and longer-term consequences. Therefore, considering development pathways is an important context when projecting the risks of climate change. The Shared Socioeconomic Pathways describe 5 visions of future development, ranging from a world aiming to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals to a world separated into regional blocks characterized by extreme poverty and pockets of moderate wealth.
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