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Heading:Preventing and Resolving Strata Disputes
Description:PREVENTING AND RESOLVING DISPUTES IN STRATA COMMUNITIES All strata corporations have occasional conflicts. Whether you live in a condo, townhouse or bare land development, strata living should be a positive, peaceful experience. However, disputes do arise between owners, or between owners and the strata council. Our guest speakers will show and explain techniques to help prevent and solve disputes, and get back to enjoyable community living. What kind of conflicts happen in a strata? How conflicts can be prevented Typical responses to conflict What the SPA says about conflict resolution What is mediation and how it can help your strata What is the difference between mediation and arbitration? Learn about do-it-yourself mediation and negotiation techniques Civil Resolution Tribunal update Includes lunch, reference binder and USB stick with all handout materials,. This is a hands-on interactive workshop. Registration is limited to 25 in order that all can fully participate in discussions.
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