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Heading:Executive Director Series: Stop Overwhelm in Its Tracks—Get Calm and Think
Description:Stop Overwhelm in Its Tracks—Get Calm and Think Clearly so You Can Be More Productive Through stories, group discussion, and proven, practical techniques, the training is designed to slow down employees’ hectic pace so they can be even stronger leaders (with or without titles), feel calmer, and more productive. They will be able to identify the signs of overwhelm in themselves and others so they can address it sooner; what to do about it when they notice it; learn what overwhelm is and its surprising and significant impacts; a three-step, 30-2nd system to get present; the step-by-step formula to get out of overwhelm quickly; and the key to prioritizing their workload when everything feels important. They’ll also hear stories that illustrate how working extra hours is a choice and that taking on their direct reports’ workload to protect them from being overwhelmed is a recipe for burnout, among others.
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