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Heading:Engaging Skilled Volunteers
Description:Engaging Skilled Volunteers A new kind of volunteer has emerged. Today more than ever before, people with high level skills are offering their services to respected non-profits. The “Skilled Volunteer” is someone who has specialized professional skills to offer, skills outside of the scope of typical day-to-day volunteer tasks. But the usual volunteer intake system is often inadequate to engage these talented folks. This is a significant opportunity for non-profit organizations. Skilled Volunteers can often perform the same kind of work as a contractor or consultant, except they won’t charge for their services! In this workshop, Andy will expand on his Charity Village article on this topic, and explore the skilled volunteer’s motivations, how to recruit them, what your organization needs in order to be ready including the provisions necessary for projects, follow-up and appreciation. Be ready to join Andy in sharing your examples of skilled volunteer scenarios!
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